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Beverage Carton Recycling Rates 2011

According to industry figures, 37% of beverage cartons were recycled across Europe (EU-27, Norway and
Switzerland) in 2011. This represents an increase from the previous years and follows industry's efforts to
continually increase beverage carton recycling rates across Europe. The total recovery rate (recycling and energy
recovery) is 68%.

Due to their high quality fibre content recycled beverage cartons are seen as a valued secondary raw material by
the paper recycling industry and are used to produce packaging for consumer goods, such as office stationery
and cardboard boxes. "Our industry supports the objectives of the European Commission's Roadmap to a
Resource Efficient Europe, and the recycling and recovery of beverage cartons can help support the drive
towards a circular economy whereby waste is diverted from landfill and seen as a resource," said Katarina Molin,
Director General of ACE. "The beverage carton sector will continue to strive for increased recycling performance
and ACE members are continuously working to support and promote recycling across Europe".

The beverage carton industry European recycling performance has steadily increased by more than 5% a year
since 2000, outstripping market growth which is more than 1% per year (tonnage).

Published on 02 July 2012